First Take

Roberta Flack’s first album was aptly titled “First Take.” Her first tentative steps towards fashioning what has become a long and successful (by most accounts) singing career. This maiden voyage of mine onto the increasingly crowded seas of blogdom, I think, also can fall under that moniker. And it is definitely “tentative,” that’s for sure. I can’t honestly say that I will have a lot to say, actually. My modus operandi, heretofore, has been to think heavily, promise myself to pen such mental meanderings, them promptly not do it. (Sounds familiar?) Hey, it might happen again. As a matter of fact, I can almost guarantee it. But not to the degree that it has happened in the past. Now I’m not declaring this to be some sort of New Year’s resolution. (That doesn’t mean it’s not, it just means I ain’t declaring it!) It’s more like an evolution: slow and casual, like my personality.

Of course, my musings won’t be perused my many, probably not by any. That’s okay. I’ve never been one to hurry things along. It has worked against me and it has worked for me. I’ll see what happens here. Maybe you will to. Whoever and wherever you are.

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