Riot at the Rec

Riot at the Rec It was several weeks ago. Lance — his name has been changed to ensure privacy — and I were creating a din. So much so that the recreation center’s man-in-charge had to make his way down the racquetball courts hallway and ask us to cease and desist. We acquiesced, respectfully, both […]


There’s basketball.  Football.  Baseball.  Handball.  Racquetball.  Volleyball.  Softball.  Dodge ball.  Pinball.  Okay, so you get my point.  A plethora of sports involving not only the use of a ball of some sort but also having the word ‘ball’ in the name of the sport itself.  It’s fair to say that humans like playing with balls.  […]

The Racquets

I play racquetball.  I play it hard and – in my humble estimation, as well as in the estimation of others against whom I compete – I play it well.  There is one person I play more often than any other.  For our purposes, I’ll call him Lance.  I’d say we are pretty evenly matched […]


Time moves on, even if we decide not to.  This doesn’t mean we’re standing still. What it means is that we’re actually moving backwards.  Kind of like Michael Jackson’s moonwalking.  There’s an illusion of progression but….  Sounds deep, doesn’t it?  Whether it makes sense is beside the point.  There’s an illusion of sense.  More illusions […]