Nothing Time

Nothing time.  It’s the name of a tune by Susumu Yokota.  I don’t know much about music but it seems to be a simple composition.  Straight ahead.  Linear.  No musical gimmicks or attempts at virtuoso pyrotechnics.  Just smooth and consistent–and pleasing.  Restive. Nothing to prove.  Nothing at all.

You ever try to do nothing?  I mean absolutely nothing.  (I know you at least have to breathe, but that’s involuntary so it doesn’t count.)  You’d be surprised how difficult it really is.  No planning.  No remembering. No worrying.  No wishing.  No praying.  No nothing!

It doesn’t come easy.  The mind has a, well, mind of its own.  Usually it will go where it damn well pleases.  Try as you might to control it, tame it, dominate it, you find yourself bending to its will rather than the other way around.  Maybe not all the time but enough of the time to create enough different emotions to jerk you around like the Texas Giant: anxiety; anger; insecurity; sadness; loneliness; happiness (though not nearly enough!); defeat; elation (again, seldom).  Just to name a few!

In other words, there’s always something going on in that brain of ours.  So when I heard this cool and down tempo tune titled ‘Nothing Time’ for the first time, I was instantly intrigued.  For one thing, the title fit the mood of the melody.  The lead instrument was the electric piano  It had that kind of gloomy, haunting tone reminiscent of the late Ray Manzarek on The Doors’ Riders on the Storm. Not real busy and overwhelming.  No need to impress, to get all athletic and deep with the fingering.  The artist was unhurried and liquid, as if her goal was to help you do, think, feel — nothing.

Less is more.  Nothing — sometimes — is even better.

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