The 30s Girl

A couple of weeks ago I was preparing to fly out of DFW to my hometown of Philadelphia. My schedule was tight, which is not my norm. I take getting to the airport at a comfortable time very seriously. Even the slightest chance of missing my flight is anathema for me. I loathe the anxiety […]

Dinner: First Meeting

My name is Gnitbuod Samoht and I’m going to tell you about my first meeting with God. But first, a little bit about my name. It’s pronounced ‘NIT-bod Sah-MOT’ (the ‘G’ and ‘H’ are silent). To an English speaker, my name looks and sounds decidedly foreign but my nationality remains a mystery. I like that […]

If I hadn’t actually seen it …

I swanny. What I saw was the perfect example of smartphone addiction, and Stephen King’s book, Cell, immediately came to mind. (At the time of its publishing, the inside jacket panel of the book declared that King did not own a cell phone. I’m sure he’s probably caved by now.) I was sitting on the […]

Baseball: The hardest game

With all due respect to golf, I think baseball is the hardest game to play. To be good at, I mean. Pitching and hitting are at its core, and the science of both has become so complex, so drilled down as to become esoteric. If you doubt what I’m saying just listen to the dialog […]

I Gotta New Grin

(Originally written in September 2017) For the most part, I have been in dining-out seclusion for almost five months. There were two occasions when I ate in a restaurant, and in each of them it was but several mouthfuls. The one time was not so bad; it was a mere cupful of etoufee. The other […]

Chipped Grin Blues

You know how when something happens to you that is painful or disturbing, but is the result of your habitual behavior, you exclaim, “I knew it, I knew it?!” Well, it just happened to me. While playing racquetball this evening, I was hit in the face by another player’s racquet. It’s happened before, and after […]

Daring to dissect #metoo

I say daring to because to express even the slightest hint of perceived opposition to #metoo is so politically incorrect as to incite a barrage of verbal chastisement. Yes, there is intimidation in the air. But I’m going to don my big-boy pants and proffer what I think is a more comprehensive and reflective analysis […]

The President has no …

Sooner or later, the millions of people who voted for Donald Trump, and the White House staff persons who do his bidding, will realize that the President has no …   Clue Intellect Character Ideology Morality Credibility Vision Depth Articulation Introspection Diplomacy Compassion Maturity Responsibility Respect Empathy Humor Rationale Patience Humility Decency Sensibility Grace Stability […]

Cool: What is it?

Sunday, June 26, 2016 9:46 PM In the pantheon of English language slang terms, none have displayed the longevity and relevancy of the word ‘cool.’ Protean in its ability to describe any number of situations, objects or persons, it has never gone out of style. In a word, ‘cool’ remains, well, cool.   What explains […]